“Angelo Adinolfi”



Angelo Adinolfi, born on 22 november’70 in Belgium with authentic Italian parents, origins from Mezzogiorno ( Campania - Salerno ) and now based part-time in Belgium, Italy & London. 

He is an energetic soul who mixes enthusiasm and passion into his tracks.

His music is mainly emerging from a current state of mind , mood and personal emotions.

“Love, respect, embracing all kind of music allows my passion for great sound to be my main drive”


Focusing on these features he creates tracks with amazing sounds and rhythm which can get people dancing or relaxing“

Also learning to control his focus will affect the efficiency and effectiveness of his ability to stay in the moment whilst playing adding just the right mood to his music.

Furthermore “Investing into building up a community tends to give you a bigger sense of focus”


Angelo has been noticed by a lot of recording houses and labels lately. 

He has been inspired by famous names such as JM Jarre, Robert Miles, Tiësto and many others.

His goal is to become an inspiring DJ : “paying attention and vibe with the crowd so that we can take them on a musical journey”


“Goal setting is crucial for anyone to develop a career, interest or a hobby in everything we do”!

It’s important to celebrate the completion of goals, big and small. Claim those small victories and use them as motivation towards your bigger picture.  


People are capable at any time in their life of doing what they dream of and it’s the possibility to have a dream come true that makes life interesting.